Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth like no other. But a basket full of sugar? Nah, I don’t want to make it that easy for my kids to indulge. So non-traditional, non-candy Easter Baskets are what we do. As the kids grow into tweens and teens, the ideas dwindle…and get so much more expensive. An iphone in your Easter Basket – I think not.

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So not being the kind of person who can give one big gift and call it done, Easter Baskets (and stockings) are my kind of thing. I love giving, and receiving all those little goodies. Heck, I’m 38 years old and still get a stocking from my parents at Christmas! Seriously though, my mom makes up the BEST stockings.

So naturally, Easter Baskets are the next best thing – they are the stockings of spring (any rhyming you see here is unintentional).

I have always, since my tween and teens were tots, done non-traditional, (mostly) non-candy Easter Baskets. And they’ve yet to complain. Mom for the win!

So here you go, some of my favorite non-traditional gifts for this year’s Easter Basket.  


The Ultimate List of Non-Traditional Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens


Bike Helmet. Kick off spring with a a little bike safety.

Amazon Kindle. This was my tween’s “big” item last Easter. She’s becoming quite the baker, so this was a great way for her to view her recipes as she baked us muffins. The Kindle Fire 7 comes in bright fun colors!

Nerf Guns. A classic. My energetic tween has amassed quite the collection. Too many guns already? How about a mega pack of darts instead (bonus – you get to replace all the ones you mowed over last year)

CamelBak Hydration Pack. Great for the adventurer in your family. How great are these kid-sized ones!


Subscription Service. There are so many out there – from arts & crafts and STEM projects to beauty and books, there’s sure to be one that works for your child’s interests and age. LitJoy Crates look like a fun idea for book lovers. Amazon has STEM box subscriptions for a number of age groups. Ipsy could be a fun idea for the older teen girls. How about LootCrate for your gamer son? (Note: I have no experience with any of these)

Lil Stinkers by Plant Therapy. These adorable plush characters each come with their own scent. My 9 year old received Otis (here’s PJ) last Christmas and she loooves it! Just put a little essential oil on the scent pad and tuck it away into their pouch. Too old for a plush? Try a diffuser and oil blends.

Swim Goggles. These are always a hit in our house. From summer swim lessons to water parks or our local lake-side beach, goggles are in the bag.

String Fairy Lights. All the rage, these delicate little lights are battery operated and timed. 

Tapestry. Another must in your teenage daughter’s room, the color and design options abound.

Baby succulent. Ready to encourage a green thumb? I don’t have one, but even I can (usually) keep a succulent alive. I bet your child could too!

Letters to My Son/Daughter Book. These little books are so sweet. “Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.” Awe, amiright? These were a Christmas idea I had; maybe they’ll make it in the Easter Baskets this year.

Pop sockets. I mean, who doesn’t have one! {quietly raises hand} My teens do have them, but continue to bug me for a new one. Kids switch them out like shoes, I guess.

Sketchbooks & Drawing Gadgets. Crayons and colored pencils will never go out of style. But maybe your budding artist is into manga – check out this starter set of dual tip markers that I got my daughter for Christmas last year? And take a look at all these colored pencil shades!

Umbrellas and Rain Boots. Before May flowers you have April showers! With the rise in Hunter Brand popularity, rain boots are now, dare I say, cool?!

Web Hosting

Summer Sport Gear. Time for soccer balls and shin guards. Baseball gloves and cleats. 

Jewelry. Are your children into gemstones? Then I’d recommend Love Pray mala bracelets where you can find one that fits their personality. I wear mine every day! Maybe friendship bracelets are more their style? Then Pura Vida has some great choices. Be sure to check out the story behind their brand – a purchase you can feel good about.

So now that you picked a “big” basket item for your tween or teen, you’ll want to fill the basket up with some small, inexpensive filler items. The dollar section or stores like the Dollar Tree are great for this.

Non-Candy Filler Ideas

Nail Polish. There are a number of brands at any big box retailer that are a dollar or less.

Makeup. E.L.F. Cosmetics prices start at only $1. Great for a makeup newbie.



Gum and mints.

Travel Size Toiletries. Target has upped their game, offering some high quality brands in sample sizes. 

Goldfish crackers.

itunes or Starbucks gift card.


Silly putty or slime.

Bath bombs.


Cell phone case.

Did you get some great ideas?!

So what non-candy items do you put in your kid’s Easter Baskets? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

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