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Number 10 in my 30 Day Blog Post Challenge.

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Challenge #10 – Top 3 pet peeves.

1.  Prolly is NOT A WORD. (Grammarly is yelling at me about it right now). The word probably is only 2 letters longer – is that really too much to type? And it just sounds so unintelligent to me. I see it all the time on social media. Stop already!

2.  Slow drivers in the fast lane. Do you not notice the line of cars behind you? Get over! And to those vigilante drivers – you’re not helping anything. In fact, I think you’re actually increasing the likelihood of an accident as others have to weave around you. You don’t know why someone is driving the speed they are. Maybe they’re a**holes. Maybe they’re on the way to the hospital to see a loved one’s last breath. Have some respect, mind your own business and move over to the appropriate lane.

Related pet peeve – drivers who merge onto a 70 mph highway going 45 mph. The ramps exist to get up to speed, step on it. ‘Cause I really don’t feel like dying today. Thanks much.

3.  Cupboard doors left open. It takes about .25 seconds and approximately zero effort. My dear family, I’m talking to you.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten myself all riled up with things that drive me bonkers, time to heed my own advice and just breathe.

So what are your biggest pet peeves? Let me know! Don’t be shy, we all have them 🙂

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