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Post 1 of my 30 Day Blog Post Challenge.

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Challenge #1 – Current relationship status.


Just kidding. I’ll give you a little more than that 🙂 

  • So my husband and I have been married for 9 years. We’ve been together for 19 years.
  • We met at work, just casual friends first. During the first few years of our relationship, we actually worked on the same machine! People wonder how that worked, but I say it’s because we didn’t know any different.
  • Though we still work at the same company together, we’ve both moved out of production and into different departments. We still see each other in the office daily, but don’t work quite as closely anymore. And I don’t think we could. J
  • We did life a little backwards. Bought a house. Had 3 kids. Got married. Then bought a bigger house.

How about a few more interesting – or not so interesting – details about us?


  • There’s a 14 inch difference in height. 
  • And a 10 year age difference.
  • He despises cooked apples, crumbly oat topping, cucumbers and cantaloupe. I think those things are delicious.
  • I can be emotional and impatient whereas he’s ridiculously patient and level-headed.
  • He’s the cook. And I clean up the kitchen after him.
  • We actually work together pretty well on DIY projects. From painting a room (I do the edging, he does the roller work) to full kitchen and bath remodels, we’ve been through a bit.

Feel free to use these questions for your own. Post a comment below with a link to your post so we can check out your challenge prompts too!

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