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Post 8 of my 30 Day Blog Post Challenge.

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Challenge #8 – 20 facts about yourself.

  1. I’m a Taurus. I don’t know much about my astrological sign.
  2. I have 3 girls – two teens and a pre-teen.
  3. I have a dog, Sammy. She’s a Vizsla-Weimaraner mix.
  4. I’ve lived in the same town my whole life.
  5. I drive a minivan and love it.
  6. I have naturally curly hair.
  7. I’ve never had surgery or a broken bone.
  8. I have 3 holes in one ear and 5 in the other.
  9. I have 3 tattoos.
  10. I use reusable bags whenever possible.
  11. I also use a reusable glass water bottle whenever possible.
  12. I have an Associate Degree in Accounting.
  13. I work full time. But not in accounting. I do Production Planning at a printing company.
  14. I love to shop thrift stores. And garage sales. I love a great deal.
  15. Probably 75% of my wardrobe is second hand in some way.
  16. I’ve been living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (and recurring Panic Disorder) since 1998.
  17. I like to make lists. On paper. The old-fashioned way. 
  18. I chew on my nails. I wish I didn’t.
  19. I have resting bitch face.
  20. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

And there you have it. Twenty facts about me.

Feel free to use these questions for your own. Post a comment below with a link to your post so we can check out your challenge prompts too!

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