6 Essential Oils to Ease Anxiety

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You’ve heard all the hype, but you aren’t sure where to begin? There’s a world of advice out there, and I’m here to provide just a small glimpse of it. Read on to find out 6 of my favorite essential oils for easing anxiety and calming the mind.

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So what’s all the hype?

There are so many brands, scents and therapeutic benefits out there, so it can be a little overwhelming, I know. There’s a wealth of information out there, with varying degrees of reliability. 

From Anxiety to Zits, and everything in between, there’s an oil for that! I have included a few reputable essential oil sources and a list of oils, all ones that I have personally used.

I first got into oils about 15 years ago, before I really understood their therapeutic benefits and safe usage. But hey, they smelled good! It’s only been a couple years since I’ve gotten back into them,  this time armed with a bit more knowledge. And a much bigger wish list!


A Little Bit About Safety

So before we get too far, let me say that quality matters here. What you’ll find at your local big box store isn’t the quality you want for therapeutic purposes. Please do your own research, I am not a doctor or certified aromatherapist of any kind.

Safe usage is also important. Neat (undiluted) application is not recommended. Nor is ingestion. In my home we diffuse, use diluted rolls-ons or inhalers. Again, please research proper usage.


Where can I find reputable oils?

But if you are looking for a recommendation, Plant Therapy is it. Their customer service is out of this world, they are transparent and affordable all while being diligent about oil safety. While this isn’t a paid advertisement, that is my referral link above. Seriously, this company rocks.

A couple more reputable companies included in my collection are Eden’s Garden and Rocky Mountain Oils.

Here are my top six essential oils, in no particular order, that I recommend (and use) for anxiety relief.


Frankincense Serrata

  • woodsy, earthy scent
  • meditative, mind-clearing
  • promotes wellness of the mind and spirit
  • uplifting while being clam and relaxing
  • not recommended for young children


  • powerful, woodsy, earthy, smokey scent (little goes a long way)
  • promotes relaxation and balance, grounding
  • good before bed to calm the mind
  • safe for children
  • best used as a diluted roll on due to its viscosity


  • sweet, floral, herbal scent
  • very popular due to it’s versatility
  • aroma promotes a calm, peacefulness and tranquility
  • balances everyday tension and stress
  • diffuse at night for a more peaceful sleep
  • safe for children


  • rich, earthy scent
  • soothing during meditaion, promotes relaxation
  • diffuse to help alleviate worry and nervous tension
  • safe for children
  • thick viscosity, and becomes more fragrant as it sits

Mandarin (and most citrus scents)

  • sweet, fresh and fruity scent
  • uplifting, soothes nervous tension
  • safe for children
  • most citrus scents are uplifting, try tangerine or blood orange

Ho Wood

  • strong woodsy, floral scent
  • promotes peaceful, relaxing environment
  • safe for children
  • blends well with lavender for deep relaxation

Yeah, I’ve always been a fan of patchouli, what can I say. I’ve got a wee bit of hippie in my blood. This list is not all-inclusive; just a few of my favorite (and affordable!) oils. As you find oils you like, start incorporating them into your breathing exercises for a rounded, calming experience.

Seriously guys, go check out Plant Therapy for more singles and awesome blends. Share with me what your favorites are!

Remember, just breathe!

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