Hello, I’m Amber. You can check out my About Me page if you want the short version. But if you want to get to know me better, keep on reading.

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I’m almost 40, married, with three girls and a dog. I work full time at a printing company, scheduling production throughout the plant. Exciting, eh!?

My husband is hardworking, a fantastic cook and far more patient than me. Also, he’s tall. I’m not. There’s a 14 inch difference so he’s also he’s also the best ‘can-you-get-that-down-for-me’ around. 

I have two teens and a pre-teen. They grow up so fast! My oldest will soon start her driver’s ed course – yikes!

Sammy is our lovable, goofy Vizsla-Weimaraner mix. 

If there’s one thing that has defined my life, it’s been anxiety. There have been good days and bad. I’ve had many good years in a row, followed by months upon months of bad. Anxiety is weird like that. I’ve been successful with and without prescription meds, but I would still say my anxiety is never truly gone, it’s part of who I am.

Learning to live fully in spite of this was the main driving factor behind this blog. 

But anxiety isn’t the only thing about me. I’m also the one with the curly hair. The one whose face will always give away what I’m thinking. Subtly is hard for me.

I have a few more obsessions, that may or may not make an appearance in a post one day.

For instance, I’m an avid bargain shopper. I HATE paying full price, meaning I wouldn’t dare purchase without checking for coupons, Cartwheel offers or loyalty points. And don’t you dare make an online purchase in this household without first going through a cashback site.

That means I also love thrift stores and garage sales – I have found some AHH-MAZ-ING things that way. 

I love old houses and architecture – you just can’t match the character of the olden days. That’s why I love our 1901 American Foursquare, with its original built-ins, natural woodwork and a big front porch.

Oh, that porch! In the warmer months, this becomes the favorite space in our home. It’s where we have morning coffee and evening beers – on the weekends anyhow. With a swing and his and hers rockers, we’re like an old married couple. Nah, we’re not THAT old. Our porch is a gathering place for friends and family. “What happens on the porch, stays on the porch.” Many memories are made on that porch.

Our porch is decorated for the seasons and because our street attracts 600+ Trick-or-Treat-ers, we go all out for Halloween – it’s a big deal! Every year is a theme for us, like Alice in Wonderland or Star Wars.

I’m not without vices. I cannot keep a clean out to save my life. I cook only because I have to. I know all about eating healthy and clean, but I also like chocolate, bread and beer. Lifting heavy weights is my go to for exercise, but I have no trouble finding a million ways why I just can’t make it today – I’m trying. Do any of my readers want to hold me accountable??!

We’re big fans of craft beer in this house – my latest favs are hazy IPAs. They are best served on my big front porch. We’re also Wisconsinites, so I think that’s a requirement. 

Being Wisconsinites means we’re also Brewer, Bucks and Packer fans. Yes, Lambeau Field is awesome and winter is cold. Tailgating is a must, no matter the weather.

If actually read all of that, I thank you. Welcome to Life Without Dressing, my corner of the web.

Which reminds me…

The name ‘Life Without Dressing’ was born out of a silly conversation with our middle daughter a couple years ago over dinner. An Italian dish was on the menu and she commented, “This is like a salad, but without the lettuce or the dressing.” Uh, what? You just described many meals, my dear daughter. We found it hilarious and never stopped giving her some friendly grief about it. It’s a phrase that stuck. By the way, she fully approves of my blog name.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you don’t mind, leave me a note so I can get to know you better too. I’d also appreciate a follow and a share. 

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